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170 Y12 Bar to the ton at 6000 M long

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Q: How many steel bars of 12mm are in one ton?
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How many 12mm steel bars in one ton?

It depends on the average mass of the steel bars, which will depend on their length and the density of the steel.

Where can one purchase steel bars?

There are many companies and websites that offer steel bars for sale. Some of these websites that offer steel bars for sale are ULINE, Bodybuilding and Northern Tool.

From where can one purchase stainless steel bars?

There are many places one can purchase stainless steel bars. If one is looking for bars for baths and kitchens, they can be found at any home improvement store. Various types of bars can be found at the website called Online Metals.

How many steel bars in one ton of 12 mm dia of 12 m length?

Since you're using metric measures, I corrected the question to read "tonne" instead of "tone." What needs to be determined is, are you talking about theoretical steel bars, or actual rebar sizes? In actual sizes, there aren't any 12mm bars; the closest thing is 12.7mm. If that's what you mean (that's size 4 rebar), it's weight is 11.952 kilo for 12m. So your answer, for one tonne, is 83.67 of those 12m bars at 12.7mm thickness each.

How many Y16 steel bars to the TON?

Approximately 104 Y16 steel bars would weigh one ton. The weight of a Y16 steel bar is around 0.4787 kg per meter.

How many steel bars a one ton have?

It depends on the average weight of the steel bars. For example, if they each weigh 50 pounds, then 40 of them will weigh a ton. If they each weigh 20 pounds, then 100 of them will weigh a ton.

How many 12mm bars by 6m in one ton?

Take steel density at 7.85 g / cu. cm. One bar = pi * 0.62 * 600 * 7.85 = 5327 grams / bar = 5.327 kg / bar 1 short ton (2000 pounds) = 907.18 kg, so 907.18 / 5.327 = 170.3 bars 1 long ton (2240 pounds) = 1016 kg, so 1016 / 5.327 = 190.73 bars 1 metric tonne = 1000 kg, so 1000 / 5.327 = 187.72 bars

How many pieces in one ton of steel bar?

The number of pieces in one ton of steel bar varies depending on the size and weight of the individual bars. Standard sizes like 20mm or 25mm diameter bars can range from around 65 to 80 pieces per ton.

How many 16mm steel bars in one ton?

"16 mm" probably refers to the diameter. The mass of a steel bar depends not only on its diameter, but also on its length.

What elements are found in steel bars?

Iron and carbon are always present in steel. There are many types of steel, some of which also contain one or more of nickel, chromium, molybdenum, manganese, tungsten, and possibly other elements.

Differences between mild and tor steel bar?

Specifics of their alloys, they'll have different proportions of carbon, iron, chrome etc. These changes will make the one known as steel a little stronger and harder to machine than the one called mild steel.

Who mines iron?

Noobs. LOL only joking, well, basically anyone who wants to make one or more of the following: Iron bars (50% chance of success) Steel bars Or of course anything that you can make with steel or iron.