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There are 8 boys and 12 girls and 8 students with glasses.

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Q: How many students wear glasses in a class of 20 students where 40 percent are boys and 25 percent of the boys and 50 percent of the girls wear glasses?
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17. There should be 18, but one has gone to the toilet.

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It is not opssible to give a sensible answer to this question. 46+58 = 104. So if the class has 46% girls and 58% boys then the class has 4% who are simultaneously girls and boys.

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20 girls are in the class.

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There are 18 girls and 6 boys in the class of 24 students

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There would be 6 boy students and 18 girl students in the class.

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7 boys

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5/16 6 Boys 10 Girls Half the girls wear glasses. Half of 10 is 5. 5 Girls wear glasses. Probability=outcome wanted/total 5 girls wear glasses/16 kids in class or 5/16 Message me with any questions.

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If there were 30 students in the class, it would mean that 2/5 are girls. Girls = 12. Boys = 18

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