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Q: How many times is normal for going to the toilet?
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How many times can you go to the toilet in space?

As many times as you need to

How many times is 1 toilet used every day?

It depends on the type of person it is and how many use it. A house toilet may be used 10 times a day while a public toilet is probably used 100 or more times a day. A toilet has to be pretty tough to handle so many uses.

How many times are you meant to go toilet a day?

people go toilet all the time if your in England when you are off the toilet in another country someone is on it This depends on your own specific bodily functions, howebver i can only assume that 3 times a day would be the average.

How many times a day do you go to the toilet?


How many times does the average person use the toilet in a year?

2500 times

How long can humans go without going to toilet?

Years and years as many jungle tribes never went to a toilet

How many times does a panda go to the toilet?

at least three times or more a day

How many times in a evening do people flush the toilet?

Twenty times per household

Who many times do you flush your toilet?

The question is missing some commas. Let's correct it. Who, many times, do you flush your toilet? Answer: Yes, I do flush the toilet, but usually I wait till I need to use it again before doing so, cause I like to watch the flies. Yes, many times...yep....sure do...often... Yes, who....?

How many times can a cat go to the toilet in one day?


How many times does a 8 year old go to the toilet?

The same number of times as anyone else.

How many times do people go to the toilet?

18 months in your whole life