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more than one

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Q: How many ways could you fit 3 eggs into a egg box?
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How are stones preserved?

There are many ways to preserve a stone. You could lock the stone in a glass box that is sealed.

How many babies do box turtles have?

Well I have an Eastern Box turtle that laid 3 eggs. But they can lay up to 6. But usually have 3 eggs.

How many eggs are in one box of applesauce?

ALL the applesauce!

There are 15 eggs in a tray Three eggs are removed from tray If a box holds 16 trays how many eggs are there in 20 boxes?

4,707 eggs

How many kids could turtles could have?

A sea turtle can have over 100 eggs in once. But it is a little different with pet turtles. Pet turtles can have up to 5 or 8 eggs(Or maybe eggs up to 10). Box turtles can have 4, 3,or 2 eggs in once.

How many boxes will you need if you need 32 eggs if each box holds 6 eggs?


How many different ways can two eggs be arranged in an egg box with six egg holes in it?

They are tri diff.ways: 1-straight arrange 2-vertical arrange 3-angle arrange

How many eggs does a female box turtle usually lay at a time?

The female turtle lays at least 20 eggs

How many eggs at a time does a female box turtle usually lay?

The female turtle lays at least 20 eggs

How many eggs are laid by box turtles in one year?

I have two females. The lay eggs about two times a year

How many times can you fit 2 eggs in an egg box?

6 times

1 in every 12 eggs in a super market is broken The shelves hold 900 boxes Each box contains 6 eggs How many eggs are there How many are broken How many are intact?

5400 eggs, 450 are broken, and 4950 are intact.