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Q: How many words can be read in three minutes?
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How many words are required for a script to read 45 minutes?

I can't tell you in words, but I find that each page reads at about 2 minutes.

How do you measure the speed you read at?

Put a timer on for five minutes. When the time is up, count how many words you read. Next get out a sheet of paper and write down however many words you read over five minutes in a fraction. Then, simplify the fraction. Now you know the average rate you read at.

If John reads 350 words in 2 minutes and 10 seconds How many words per minute did he read?

2 minutes and 10 seconds = 21/6 minutes or 13/6 minutes 350 words in 13/6 minutes = 350*6/13 words per minute = 161.5 wpm (approx)

Lee read 25 minutes on monday and 30 minutes on Friday how many minutes in all did she read?

55 minutes

How many minutes will it take to read 96 pages if I can read 12 in 6 minutes?

It will take 48 minutes.

How many minutes a day should you read?

At least 30 minutes.

How is this read in words 3.2?

Three and two tenths.

What are 3 characteristics of Read only memory?

you can only read it, it has three words and it concerns computers

How many minutes do you have to read to get 360 mintues?

Not quite sure what "mintues" are. If that is meant to be minutes, then the answer, surely, is 360 minutes!

What is the ratio of space required for the text of a book vs the audio of the book?

It depends on how fast the narrator reads. Easiest thing to do is to time yourself for 60 seconds and see how many words you can read. Take that number, divide it by 60 and you've got an average words per second. then you just multiply the words per second with the number of words in the book and you'll know how many seconds it takes for you to read the book. Divide by 60 to convert seconds to minutes and again to convert minutes to hours. X=words per second Y= words in the book Z=time it takes to read book as measured in seconds A= time in minutes X * Y = Z Z / 60 = A

How do you read 2003.04 in words?

two thousand three and four hundreths

What was the three words that papa grande often said to Tomas?

Read to me