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22.2222 cubic yards (the 2s keep on going).

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2012-06-12 23:57:49
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Q: How many yards of dirt for 1200 square feet 6 inches thick?
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How many square yards are in 1200 square feet?

133.33 square yards.

How many square yards are in 3600 square feet?

2400 yards Solution: 3600 / 3 = 1200 yards 1200 yards * 2 = 2400 yards

How many yards is 1200 square feet?

133.33 square yards.

How much concrete is needed for a slab 1200 square feet by 4 inches thick?

You'll need 400 square feet (or just under 15 yards) of concrete, but be sure to get some extra to allow for overage.

How many yards into 1200 square feet?

If the question is, " How many square yards equal 1200 square feet?" then :- 1 yard = 3 feet : 1 square yard = 3 x 3 = 9 square feet. 1200 square feet = 1200 ÷ 9 = 1331/3 square yards.

How much rock to cover 1200 sq ft 4 inches thick?

Volume = (1,200 square feet) x (1/3 foot) = 400 cubic feet = 14.81 cubic yards


1,111.11 square yards in 10,000 square feet.

How many yards of sand do you need to cover 1200 sq ft?

depends on the depth that you need to cover the 1200 square feet (area) to. there are 3 foot to 1 yard (1 foot=3 yards). so 1 square foot = 9 square yards (3x3). 1200 square feet = 1200 x9 = 10,800 square yards. you then multiply the 10,800 by the amount of yards (depth) that you want to cover the area to.

How many square yards is 1200 sq ft?

133.3 sq yards

How much sand to cover 1200 square feet 2 inches deep?

200 cubic feet or 7.4 cubic yards

How many yards are in 1200 ft?

There are 400 yards in 1200 ft. That is because three feet equal one yard, so 1200 divided by three equals 400. If you want to figure inches, you will multiply 1200 by 12 and get 14,400 inches in 1200 ft.

How many square yards of carpet for 1200 square feet?

133.33 yd2

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