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Q: How much do you win if you pick 5 out of 6 numbers on mega millions?
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Does your Mega Millions pick have to be in the same order as the winning numbers to have any winning numbers?

No, order is not considered.

What wins the most in Mega Millions self pick or quick pick?

quick pick

What does Q mean on Mega Millions Lottery Ticket?

Mine has QP - QUICK PICK.

How many different games are in the North Carolina education lottery?

Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5 Powerball Mega Millions Many many scratch offs

What kind of lottery games are availiable in Tennessee?

Instants, Powerball,Cash 3, Cash 4, Pick 5, Mega Millions

Do you win anything if you have 3 numbers of the lottery?

Generally you need to get at least 4 winning lotto numbers to win anything on a normal lottery draw. However, if you're playing a game with only a few numbers like Pick 3 you would win something. See lotto results link below and click on 'Dividends' and it will show how many numbers you need and the prize.

What 3 numbers are between 0.01 and 0.001?

there are millions of numbers between these two figures. here are three of them; 0.002 0.003 0.004... hope it helps!ContinuedThere are not just millions, there are infinite divisions between those two endpoints. Pick three.

What are the next mega million winning numbers for Maryland?

12-20-30-44-49-bonus 24 were the numbersdrawn on 12/18/2009. Go with quick pick for thenext numbers. Good luck.

How much do you win for 4 numbers on the lottery?

How many how much do you win on a 5 pick with 4 numbers right on the Box pick

How do pick winning lottery numbers?

You can't pick the winning numba'z coz they are totally random and the machine just spinz the ballz and the numbaz just pop out it'z TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE U CAN'T EVEN CHEAT IT'Z THAT IMPORTANT!! so don't bother trying 2 cheat or pick the winning numba'z coz there is no way on earth that is impossible!!! ND YOU'LL B TOTALLY WASTING YOU BLOOMIN TIME SO DON'T EVEN BOTHER ok im gonna say that's half right but there are numbers that rise up more often then others for example 56 came out 5 times this year and 47 came out 6 times this year now these are high numbers ones even ones odd so theres no guarante your gonna win with this system but pick numbers that are even and odd both on the same ticket at least 2 maybey 3 lower numbers using even and odd low numbers can be 1 through say 28 high numbers 29 through 56 this is mega millions search the mega millions site for previouse drawings and find them hot numbers then like i said play at least 5 dollars a week keeping them hot numbers watch how close you come only change the combanation if you see a pattern your gonna win money doing this might not be the jackpot like above stated theres so many combanations its immposibile to perdict but sticking with a set of common numbers will improve your chances greatly.

In California what are the most drawn lottery numbers?

It changes per draw a little of course, however as of today: Usually the top three pick numbers are 6, 30, 20 The top number for the mega number above all is 20 This from the California superlotto statistics

Where does the Super Lotto originate from?

The Super Lotto is a Lottery based out of California. Pick 5 lucky numbers anywhere between 1 and 47 and one MEGA number from 1 - 27 on a Super Lotto payslip. Then wait until the lucky numbers are drawn. Match all 6 numbers, and win the Jackpot.