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Three quarters is 3*25 = 75 cents

Nine nickels is 9*5 = 45 cents

The total is 75+45 = 120 cents, or $1.20

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2015-10-18 20:25:09
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Q: How much is three quarters and 9 nickels?
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How much is 9 quarters 18 dimes and 9 nickels?

how much is 8 dimes and 13 nickels and 17 penn and 9 quarters

How much is 10 quarters 7 dimes 9 pennies and 27 nickels?

10 quarters 7 dimes 9 pennies and 27 nickels is: $4.64

How many nickels in 9 quarters?

9 quarters make 9x25 =225 cents. Every 5 is a nickel so you get 225/5= 45 nickels. Or, if you like, 5 nickels in a quarter, so 9 quarters make 9x5=45 nickels.

How many dimes in 3 quarters and 9 nickels?

3 qurarter and 9 nickels = dimes

7 pennies 8 dimes 22 nickels and 9 quarters is how much?

Total = $4.22

Derrick has a total of 9 nickels and quarters in his pocket. The total amount of money he had in coins is $1.45. How many nicked and how many quarters does Derrick have?

4 nickels and 5 quarters

How do you compare in nickels 9 dimes to 6 quarters?

A US nickel is 5 cents, so convert the dimes and quarters to multiples of 5: One dime is 10 cents or 2 nickels, so 9 dimes would be equivalent to 18 nickels. A quarter is 25 cents or 5 nickels, so 6 quarters is 30 nickels.

How many quarters are equal to eighteen dimes and nine nickels?

9 Quarters are equal to eighteen dimes and nine nickels. Eighteen dimes equal to $1.80. Nine nickels equal to 25 cents. So $1.80 + 25 cents = $2.25 You need exactly 9 quarters.

What does 9 quarters 7 dimes and 5 nickels equal to?


How many quarters are in 18 dimes and 9 nickels?

Well 18 dimes would be $1.80, while 9 nickels would be $0.45. Add those together and you have $2.25. When you divide that by $0.25 (quarter), you get 9 quarters.

At Scott's Laundromat the washing machines accept only quarters and nickels. If Joe used 20 coins worth 2.60 to wash 4 loads how many of each coin did he use A. 8 quarters and 12 nickels B. 9 quarters?

8 quarters and 12 nickels

How much 9 coins will equal 33 cents with no quaters?

Six nickels and three pennies. 6+3=9

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