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You will earn 500.

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Q: How much will you earn on a 10000 share certificate in 6 months at 10 percent?
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Share certificate sample?

enterprenuer's share certificate of investment

1000 Shares are reissued rs 10. at 2 percent discount .give journal entries?

Debit cash / bank 9800debit discount allowed 200Credit share capital 10000

How do you write letter for transfer the share certificate?

To write a letter to transfer a share certificate first find the name and address of the financial institution that holds the share certificate. Then write the letter being sure to include who the owner of the certificate is, who you would like it transferred to, when it should be transferred and any other information you would like to include.

What is meant by face value of a share?

The value of the share of stock as it is actually printed on the face of the certificate.

What is a certificate representing a claim to part of a share of stock?


Can I sell my 50 percent share of a piece of land?

Yes you can sell your 50 percent share of a piece of land.

Is share certificate a negotiable instrument?

yes, its a non negotiable instrument

What percent do you share with orangutans?

we are 97 percent genetically related to orangutan's

What is the journal entry for 10000 shares of 2 par stock at 9 per share?

debit cash / bank 90000credit share capital 20000credit share premium 70000

A share of a corporation's share is?

what is 100 rights certificate for Union Carbide Corp. dated 3-1-86 worth

What is a certificate of ownership in a corporation?

A certificate of ownership in a corporation can be either a stock or share, depending on how you buy in and how the corporation is set up.

If Dell computers was seen as having a 120 percent market share and a close competitor has 90 percent market share the market share analysis would express as?


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