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Q: How much work is done when a 20 N force pulls a wagon 5 M?
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How much work is done when a force of 20 N pulls a wagon 5 m?

20N times 5m equals 100 NewtonMetres, or 100 Joules.

How much work is done by the girl pulling her brother who is in the wagon if she exerts a force of 50N at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal and travels 25m?

Work = (force) x (distance)Work = (33N) x (13m) = 429 N-m = 429 joulesIF the force is in exactly the same direction as the motion of the wagon.

A boy on a bicycle drags a wagon full of newspapers at .800 ms for thirty minutes using a force of fortyt N how much work has the boy done?

Calculate the distance first. Then multiply distance x force.

How do I do this problem A wagon is pulled by a force of 41.8 N on the handle at an angle of 25 degrees with the horizontal If the wagon if pulled in a circle of radius 18.0 m how much work is done?

The simplistic solution is as follows: The component of the force in the horizontal plane is 41.8*cos(25) = 37.9 N. The distance travelled is pi*18 metres so work done = 37.9*18 = 2142 Joules.

What force pulls precipitation from the clouds during the water cycle?

too much water in the cloud

Rudolph pulls a 50kg sleigh with a constant acceleration of 2ms2how much force does Rudolph exert?

100 n

A sailor pulls a 2000 kilogram boat 25 meters along the dock with a rope attached to the boat that makes a 45 degree angle with the dock. How much work is done by the sailor if he exerts a force of 4?

7,071 J

Why was the Schooner wagon considered faster than others?

I'm not aware of the schooner wagon being faster. However, the difference I am aware of is the schooner wagon used no draft animals to pull it. Instead it had a sail and the wind provided the force to propel the wagon, much like a ship at sea.

What is the relationship between upthrust and relative density?

Well... i think that upthrust is a force that pushes things upwards and dnsity is how much something weighs... or the force that pulls something downwards...or how much heavy something is

How much work does an elephant do while moving a circus wagon 20 meters with a pulling force of 200 N?


How much force does Rudolf exert if he pulls a A kg sleigh with a constant acceleration of 2 M's?

Force = mass x acceleration Force = Akg x 2m/s^2 Unit for force here is in Newtons (N)

When a hammer hits a nail how does the force on the nail compare to the force on the hammer?

The force of the hammer is much greater than the force of the nail. Gravity pulls down the hammer, hits the nail, and the nail forces up, but the force of gravity wins over the force pulling on the nail.