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If the Didgit You're Rounding Is The Number 0-4 you round down to the nearest whole number ending in 0 if the number was 5-9 You would Round Up to the nearest whole Number ending in 0.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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Q: How would you round off 1875?
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How do you round off 0.96?

It would round up to 1.

0.472 round off?

When you round off the number 0.472 to the hundredths place you get 0.47. If you round it off to the tenths place, it would be 0.5.

How would you round to the nearest cent 117.057?

Round off to the nearest cent means round off to the nearest hundredths or round off to two decimal places. SO when you round 117.057 you want to look at .057. Since 7 is the greater than 5, we would round the 5 to a 6. Which would make the number 117.06

How do you round off 7246 to the nearest thousands?

You would round it down... to 7000.

Round 1875 to the nearest tenth?

1875 rounded to the nearest ten (10) is 1880. To the nearest tenth (0.1), it is 1875.0.

How would you round off 11993.8 to the nearest cent?


How would you round off 10000 using 1?

10000 is already rounded off.

Can i round off a height of 1.66metres to 1.7metres?

That would be an acceptable. However, you could round to the nearest metre which would be 2 metres.

How do you Round off 842.121 to the nearest tenth?

You would round it down to read 842.1

Round off 3 278 429 to the nearest ten thousand?

If you round off 3,278,429 to the nearest ten thousand, you would look at the number in the one thousand place - in this case, an 8. If the number is 5 or less, you would round down. If the number is 6 or higher, you would round up. Since 8 is higher that 6, you would round up, yielding 3,279,000.

Why do you round off decimals?

Because decimal fractions often comprise infinitely long sequences. If you did not round them off, you would never get past the first such number.

Can you round of 250?

Depends. When you round off something, it has to be to a value. 250 rounded off to its nearest tens place would be 250, rounded to its nearest hundreds place would be 300.

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