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Given ST=2x-10,RS=2x_5,andRT=3x+1,determine the numerical length of RT

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Q: How you find additive property of length?
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Which property is illustrated by the statement AB equals CD so AB plus DE equals CD plus DE?

It is the additive property of equality, as the additive property of length, as applied to adjacent or parallel line segments.

What are additive adverse property?

The additive inverse means what undoes adding. The additive inverse of +1 is -1.

What is the additive identity property?

when you add

What is the property shown in -7 plus 7 equals 0?

Additive inverse of a number a is that number which on addition with a gives 0.7 is additive inverse of -7.The property shown is additive inverse property because the addition yields 0.

What is one of the three math properties?

zero property additive property

What property says that when you add opposites you get zero?

additive inverse property

How is the additive inverse property related to the additive identity property?

They have no real relations ofther than being mathmatical properties The additive identity states that any number + 0 is still that number; a+0 = a The additive inverse property states that any number added to its inverse/opposite is zero; a + -a = 0

How can you add numbers?

Using the additive property (+).

What does additive identity property mean?


Is 7 plus 1 equals 8 a additive inverse property?

No.. if you write 7/2 as -7/2, then that's additive inverse property.

What is the property of x plus -x?

It is zero. The property is the existence of an additive inverse.

What is the additive property in math?

The additive property states that any number added to zero will equal it's original number.A + 0 = A6 + 0 = 6