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With compound interest - the balance after 7 years would be 26336.18

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Q: If 20000 is invested in a savings account offering 3.5 per year compounded continuously how fast is the balance growing after 7 years (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)?
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How long will it take for money to double in a savings account that is compounded continuously?

Five years

A principal of 700 is invested in an account at 6 per year compounded annually What is the total amount of money in the account after 5 years?

There is 936.76

What is the savings account offering which of these APRs and compounding periods offers the best ARY?

4.0730% compounded daily3.1172% compounded monthly2.0365% compounded daily

Suppose you invest 1600 at an annual interest rate of 5.5 percent compounded continuously How much will you have in the account after 25 years?


What amount will an account have after 9 years if 125 DOLLARS is invested at 8 percent interest compunded continuously?

249.88 dollars

Matt places 1200 in an investment account earning an annual rate of 6.5 percent compounded continuously Determine the amount of money that Matt will have in account after 10 years?

Matt will have $2,298.65.

A student wants to save 8000 for college in five years How much should be put into an account that earns 5.2 percent annual interest compounded continuously?

6,209 compounded at 5.2% for 5 years yields 8,000

How long does it take 1125 to triple if it is invested at 7 percent interest compounded quarterly?

(1 + .07/4)4x = 3 4x log(1+.07/4) = log(3) x = 0.25 log(3)/log(1.0175) = 15.83 The amount of the original investment doesn't matter. At 7% compounded quarterly, the value passes triple the original amount with the interest payment at the end of the 16th year.

What is the monthly return of 1000 invested in saving account with 5.8 monthly interest?

If you mean 5.8% annual interest rate compounded monthly, then (1000*.058)/12 = 4.83

If 4000 dollars is invested in a bank account at an interest rate of 6 per cent per year what will be the amount after 10 year if interest is compounded annually?

4000 x (1.0610) = $7163.39

How much money will there be in an account at the end of 4 years if 11000 is deposited at a 4.5 percent annual rate that is compounded continuously?

11000*(1.045)^4=$13117.70stop cheating on your math homework

You opened a savings account with the deposited 5000 in a six percent interest rate compounded daily what is the amount in the account after 180 days?

If you opened a savings account and deposited 5000 in a six percent interest rate compounded daily, then the amount in the account after 180 days will be 5148.