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7% of 3,000 for 6 month

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Q: If 3000 is invested at 7 percent for 6 months how much simple interest is earned?
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What is monthly interest rate if annual interest rate earned is 5 percent?

1/12th of 5% because there are 12 months in a year. ANSWER:- 1/60th per cent, which is the same as 0.01667 of the amount invested.

How much interest will 10000 earn in 18 months if invested at 8 percent compounded semiannually?


What is the simple interest of 3000 dollars invested at 7 percent for six months?

3000*(7/100)*(6/12) = 105 dollars

What is 6.99 percent of 12000.00 for 72 months?

6.99/100 * $12000 * 72/12 = $5032.80 interest earned

How much interest is earned in 9 months on a deposit of 7000 at 8 percent simple interest?

70 x 8 x 3/4 ie 420

How much would 15000 dollars invested at 8 percent interest compounded annually be worth after 6 months?

If the interest is compounded annually, then the first interest payment isn't added until the end of the first year. Until then, the investment is worth exactly $15,000.00 .

What would be the amount of compound interest on 8000 invested for two years at 12 percent compounded semiannually?

Semiannually over two years is equivalent to 4 periods. If the interest is 12% every 6 months, then the amount of interest is It is 8000*[(1.12)4 -1] =4588.15

How do you find simple interest for 6 months?

Take the annual interest rate, divide it by 2 and multiply it by the amount you invested or borrowed.

How much money will a 5000 CD earn at an interest rate of 3 percent in eleven months?

5000 x 1.03 ^ (11/12) = your total interested earned

What is the interest on 4000 at 3.5 percent annual interest for 1 year 6 months?


If you borrow 1000 at 7.5 percent interest for 12 months ch interest will you pay?


How do you calculate the interest rate for an amortazion if you have the total ammount invested the time period and the interest ammount 20683.00 6 months 863.00 int?

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