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24 divided by 8 is 3, which means she can run 3 laps per minute. Assuming she doesn't slow down she can run 3*12, or 36 laps in 12 minutes.

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Q: If Amy runs twenty four laps in 8 minutes how many can she run in twelve minutes?
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How many times around the track does it take to equal 3 miles?

Three and one third.

What is speed of last 2 laps if 2 laps run at 120mph and average of four laps is 240mph on 2 mile track?

It is not possible. The first 2 laps = 4 miles at 120 mph takes 2 minutes.Four laps = 8 miles at 240 mph should take 2 minutes, which means that the last two laps were covered in 0 minutes!

What is the rate in laps per minutes for 2.5 laps in 3 minutes and 6 seconds?

It is 2.5 laps/(3+6/60 minutes) = 2.5/3.1 =0.81 laps per minute, approx.

Alyssa swims 3 laps in 12 minutes At this rate how many laps will she swim in 10 minutes?

Two and a half laps

Why do boy have to run two laps under four minutes and girls have to run two laps under five minutes?

Because they try to impress girls and they have more power (in other words) there more faster with stamina

What is the Tethrippon event in Ancient Greece?

Tethrippon was a four-horsed chariot race, that involved twelve laps around the track at the Hippodrome stadium.

How many laps are there in a 5000 meter race?

There are twelve and a half laps of a 400m track in a 5000m.

If Terri swam 3 laps in 2.5 minutes how long would it take her to swim 20 laps at the same rate?

3 laps takes 2.5 minutes → 1 lap takes 2.5/3 minutes → 20 laps take 2.5/3 × 20 minutes = 16⅔ minutes = 16 minutes 40 seconds.

What is the unit rate of 12 minutes to drive 30 laps 48 minutes to drive 120 laps?


How many laps are completed in a heat of a speedway race?

four laps There are 4 laps to a Speedway race.