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The 1st is a right angle triangle and the 2nd is a scalene triangle.

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Q: If Triangle R'S'T' has sides of 3 cm 4 cm and 5 cm. And triangle RST has sides of 12 cm 16 cm and 25 cm. what is the dilation of the triangles?
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What is the difference between an isosceles and an scaline triangle?

An equilateral triangle is a triangle where all of the sides are of equal length. An isosceles triangle is a triangle that has only two sides that are of equal length.

How do you describe triangles by the sides?

Scalene Triangle- a triangle with no congruent sides Isosceles Triangle- a triangle with two congruent sides Equilateral Triangle- a triangle with three congruent sides

What is the length of the sides of an isosceles triangle?

The length of the sides of an isosceles triangle are not set in stone. An isosceles triangle is defined as a triangle with at least two congruent sides. Equilateral triangles; that is, triangles in which all sides are of equal length are also considered to be isosceles triangles. Therefore, as long as at least two sides of the triangle are congruent, (Of equal length) said triangle is an isosceles triangle.

What kind of triangles have no equal sides?

A scalene triangle is a triangle with no equal sides

Does a triangle have equal sides?

A triangle can have equal sides. This is called an equilateral triangle. Other triangles may not have equal sides.

What is the number of sides in one equilateral triangle one right angle triangle one isoceles triangle and two scalene triangles?

1 triangle = 3 sides, no matter what kind of triangle it is 5 triangles = 3 sides each = 15 sides

Are equilateral triangles and isosceles triangles the same?

No, they are definitely not. An isosceles triangle is a triangle with 2 sides that have the same length. An equilateral triangle is a triangle with 3, or all sides with the same length.

What triangle has 6 sides?

No triangle has six sides. All triangles by definition have three sides.

How many sides does an equilateral triangle have?

All triangles have exactly three sides. This is true whether the triangle is equilateral or not. If the triangle is equilateral, then the three sides will all be equal in length.All triangles have three sides.

What are the three triangles that are known for their sides?

right triangle , a obtuse triangle, and a acute triangle

What are triangles with no congruent sides called?

A triangle with no equal sides is called a scalene triangle.

What triangle has at least two congruent sides?

Isosceles Triangle Isosceles TriangleIsosceles triangles have at least 2 congruent sides, and equilateral triangles have all 3 sides equal. A scalene triangle has no congruent sides or angles. All triangles have 180 degrees total.An equilateral triangle has three congruent sides and an isosceles triangle has two congruent sides.