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$450 minus 30% is 315

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Q: If a 450 item was 30 off what is the discounted price?
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What is the difference between discount and price cut?

A discount on an item is a certain percentage off of an item. A price cut is a certain dollar amount off an item.For example,a $90 item, would be discounted at 30% which is $63.a $90 item, with a $30 price cut is $60

What is the answer to discounted price of 45 video game on sale at 30 percent off?

The discounted price is $31.50

If you have a computer that costs 3000 but is selling for 20 percent off How much is the discounted price?

The discounted price will be $2,400.00

Is discounted price the same as the sale price?

no discounted price is the price after some money has been taken off the sale price for a sale etc. but sale price is the original price

15 percent off 680 what is the original price?

You seem to be saying that 15% off gives a discounted price of 680, and asking what the original price was before the discount. Since the price was discounted by 15%, the discounted price is 85% of the original price. Dividing 680 by 0.85 gives 800 as the original price.

What is 30 percent off 50.49?

The discounted price is 35.34

How do you take 50 percent off an original price?

you can just divide it by two._____________________________________________________________(original price)-(% off in decimal form)*(original price)=[1-(% off in decimal form)]*(original price)=discounted pricein this case, (1-0.5)*(original price)=(original price)/2=discounted price

Original cost of an item after two discounts given the final price of what would be the correct formula?

You take your final price and divide it by the difference in percentage. Then take that figure and divide it by the final discounted difference in percentage.Here is how you arrive at the final discounted price.So, it the store gives you a 10% and 15 % discount off the original price you would multiply the original price by .10 to get the first discounted price. Then you would multiply the new discounted price by .15 for the final discounted price.Here is how to undo the math to arrive back at the original price.If all your given is the final price and the discounted percentages, you would divide the final price by 90% and then take that price and once again divide by 85%.

Hi i am trieng to answer this question in the mathothon caculating discounts. it says a 50 cape is onsale for 25 percent off. what is the discounted price?

$50 * .25 = 12.50 so that is how much is discounted off. The discounted price is then 50 - 12.50 = $37.50

What is the price of speakers that normally cost 180 but are on sale for 30 off?

discounted price is 126

Employees appliance store receive an 20 percent off of the lowest price on an item if an employee purchases a dishwasher during a 15 percent off sale how much will he pay if originally cost 450?

The employee's price would be 363. I did the calc and got a final price of $306.00. $450 - 15% = $382.5 15% of $450 is $67.5 $382.5 - 20% = $306 20% of $382.5 is $76.5

Why is 20 percent off an item plus an additional 20 percent off not 40 percent?

Because the second discount refers to the already-discounted price, not to the original full price. Example: -- The item was originally priced at $100. -- It was discounted 20%, and that brought its price down to $80. -- If it's discounted again later, then the second 20% discount will be 20% of $80, not 20% of $100. 20% of $80 is $16, so the second discount will reduce the price to $64. -- If it had been reduced from $100 all the way to $64 in one cut the first time, that discount would have been 36% .

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