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it's 425 miles. It's a mathematic equation. you say the car travels 340 miles on 20 gallons of gas that's 340 over 20 and you want to know how many miles it travels on 25 gallons of gas, that's x over 25. you write it out as : 340 over 20 = x over 25, cross-multiply and you get 340(25) = 20x. (340*25 is equal to 8500.) thus your equation becomes 8500=20x. divide by 20 on both sides, 8500/20=425, and your answer is x=425 (x representing the amount of miles 25 gallons will travel)

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Q: If a car travels 340 miles on 20 gallons of gas how far can it travel on 25 gallons of gas?
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A car travels 340 miles on 20 How much can it travel on 25 gallons of gas?

well if you do the ratio: then its 340:20 if you were to divide 340 BY 20, then that would be 17. so if you times 17 by 25, then you will get 425. 425 is your final answer.

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