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No, a plane can contain only one point of a line. Picture a piece of paper with a pencil stabbed through it. The paper is the plane, and the pencil is the line. The pencil/line only touches the paper/plane at one point.

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Q: If a plane contains one point of a line then it must contain the entire line?
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Can a plane contain one point of a line?

Yes, it can. A plane can contain any number of points of a line.

A line and a point on a line always contain in one plane?


Which quadrant contains the point named 25?

If you mean point (2, 5) then it is in the 1st quadrant on the Cartesian plane

How many planes can contain three point at the same time?

Only one plane can contain three specific points.

Only one plane can pass through one line and a point that is not on the line?

I'd feel a lot more comfortable if you said "... can contain one line and a point ...".When you say "pass through one line", I picture a sword passing through a tight pieceof string. If that's how your plane passes through the line, then the statement in your"question" is false. If your plane contains the line and the extra point, then the statementis true ... only one plane can do that.

If a line intersects a plane that does not contain the line then the intersection is exactly one point?


What is a saddle point?

A saddle point is a point in the range of a smooth function every neighbourhood of which contains points on each side of its tangent plane.

What Point S is not on line k. How many different planes contain both point S and line k?

There is only one such plane.

Where does a plane and a line intersect?

In most cases, in a single point. It is also possible that there is no intersection, or that the intersection is the entire line.

How many points are you a intersection of a line and a plane?

There are two possible answers; if the line is crossing the plane at an angle, then the line and the plane only intersect at one point. However, if the line is part of the plane, then the entire line intersects with the plane, and there are an infinite number of intersecting points.

If point belongs to the plane?

Then it is in the plane!

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