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Q: If a river is 2 miles wide and you can row 1 mile per hour can you get to the other side if the current is running at 5 miles per hour?
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What is the continent of the longest river?

Canada with the Amazon River running into Alaska. The Nile in Africa with a length of 4,135 miles (The Amazon is 3980 miles)

How many miles is the NC Cape Fear river?

This river is approximately 202 miles long running from north central to southern NC.

Is river thames only running in London?

The River Thames is 115 miles long and flows through Oxford, Reading, Windsor and London plus some other smaller towns.

What is the Ohio river's course?

The Ohio River is 981 miles long; running generally southwest from Pittsburgh, PA to Cairo, IL where it joins the Mississippi River.

How deep is the river seven?

The River Seven, also called the River Severn, is located in the United Kingdom. it is the longest river in the UK running for 220 miles. The depth of the river has never been measured.

If a motorboat can go 8 miles downstream on a river in 20 mins if the return 8 miles upstream takes 30 minutes what is the speed of the current?

The current is approximately 4 mph.

Where is the Guadalupe river?

The Guadalupe River is located in Texas. The river starts from Kerr County, Texas, running approximately 230 miles to San Antonio Bay where the water is discharged back into the Gulf of Mexico.

How does the Chattahoochee River rank in size with other American rivers?

After a course of about 436 miles it becomes the Apalachicola River. The Missouri at 2,540 miles is the longest river and the Cimarron at about 600 miles long is the 29th So at 463 miles the Chattahoochee River is well down the list.

What are the ten longest rivers in England?

River Severn 220 miles River Thames 215 miles River Trent 185 miles River Great Ouse 143 miles River Avon 96 miles River Nene 91 miles River Eden 90 miles River Witham 82 miles River Ribble 75 miles River Tyne 73 miles

Why is the Volga given as the longest river in Europe?

It has more miles in length than any other river in Europe

What is the river named after a color in china called?

That would be the Yellow River, running from the Bayan Har Mountains in western China to the Bohai Sea, about 120 miles south east of Beijing

What is the average current speed of the Mississippi river?

Since nobody knows the correct answer, it must be several thousand miles per hour.