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The square has 4 sides and has rotational symmetry of order 4. Also, the angle rotation measurement is 90 degrees.

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Q: If a square has rotational symmetry what is the angle of rotation?
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What is the angle of rotation of alphabets with rotational symmetry?

What is the angle of rotation of alphabet S

If a trapezoid has rotational symmetry what is the angle of rotation?

A "pure" trapezoid (a pair of parallel sides and two random sides) does not have rotational symmetry. If it is a parallelogram then it has a 180 degree symmetry. And if the paralloelogram happens to be a square, you have 90 deg symmetry.

What is the smallest angle of Rotational symmetry for a square?

the line of symmetry from the middle

What is the smallest angle of rotatinal symmetry?

None. You can rotate a circle by the smallest possible angle that you can think of and it will be an angle of symmetry. And then you can halve that angle of rotation and still have rotational symmetry. And you can halve that angle ...

What is a rotation of symmetry?

Sometimes called rotation symmetry, or symmetry of rotation. If you have an object that can be turned through a certain angle (like rotating a cube through 90o) and then it looks identical, then that object has a certain symmetry under rotation. If you can turn it through any angle, like a cylinder, then it has rotation (or rotational) symmetry.

How do you find the smallest angle of rotational symmetry for a figure?

If you can rotate (or turn) a figure around a center point by fewer than 360° and the figure appears unchanged, then the figure has rotation symmetry. The point around which you rotate is called the center of rotation, and the smallest angle you need to turn is called the angle of rotation. This figure has rotation symmetry of 72°, and the center of rotation is the center of the figure:

Does a regular polygon have rotational symmetry?

Yes, because if a regular polygon is turned around a specific point (the angle of rotation) and matches up again, it has rotation symmetry. For example, a hexagon is a regular polygon with six sides. All sides are the same length and the same size. When you turn it around the angle of rotation, it matches with the next side. Therefore, all regular polygons have rotational symmetry. Hope this helps!

Can you have line of symmetry but not rotational symmetry?

Yes. An isosceles triangle, for example, is symmetric about the bisector of its odd angle but has no rotational symmetry.

What is a rotational line of symmetry?

It is the axis of symmetry which is a line such that a object that is rotated at right angles to it becomes congruent to its original state before the angle of rotation reaches 360 degrees.

What is the rotation angle for triangle?

A triangle can be rotated through any angle of your choice!An equilateral triangle has rotational symmetry of order 3, which means that a rotation of 120 degrees (or multiples) will bring it back to the same orientation. All other triangles have rotational symmetry of order 1: that is, you have to rotate them a full circle (360 deg) before they look the same.

How do you know if a figure has rotational symmetry?

A figure has rotational symmetry if it can be rotated by a certain angle (less than 360 degrees) and still looks the same. The number of times you can rotate the figure and have it look the same determines the order of rotational symmetry - a square has rotational symmetry of order 4, for example.

Does a paralleogram have rotational symmetry?

No, a parallelogram does not have rotational symmetry because it cannot be rotated onto itself. Rotational symmetry requires an object to look the same after being rotated by a certain angle.