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Q: If the rug is 8000 square meters then how many square meters is that?
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The area of a rug is 8000 cm2. How many square meters is that?

hello are you gonna answer?

How many square meters rug need for 30 square meters room?


How many square meters will a rug cover if it is 100 cm by 7 meters?

7 sq meters

How many square yards of material are needed to cover a rug that is 2.36 meters by 67.86 meters?

191.54 square yards.

How do you calculate how many square meters the the 3x4 meters rug?

For any rectangle, if you multiply the length times the width, you get the area.

What is 10 meters long by 7 meters wide in square meters?

The area of a rug that's 10 meters long by 7 meters wide is 70 square meters.

What is 8' square rug in metric measurements?

Your question isn't clear. Do you only want 8' in metric measurements, or are you looking for the area of the rug in metric measurements? If you want 8' in metric measurements, then you only need to convert 8' to meters, centimeters or millimeters. I think that meters makes the most sense. You need to look up how many meters are in 1 ft. There are 0.305 meters in 1 ft. Now to do the calculation: 8 ft. x 0.305 m/ft = 2.438 m. If you are looking for the area, again you have to decide if you want square meters, square centimeters, etc. Square meters makes the most sense to me. If each side of the rug is 2.438 m, and the rug is square, then the area is 2.438 m x 2.438 m = (2.438 m)2 = 5.944 m2, or in other words 5.944 square meters.

If a rug is 2 meters wide and 3 meters long how much space does it use?

2 meters x 3 meters = 6 square meters floor space.

How many feet in 8x10 rug?

80 square feet

How many square feet in a 3 by 5 rug?


If a rug is 513 dollars and the area of the rug is 108 square feet then what is the cost per square foot of that rug?

It is $4.75 per square foot.

How many square feet is there in 11.6 x 8 rug?

92.8 square feet.