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Designate the smaller number as s. From the statement of the problem, s + s +12 = 90; or 2s = 90 -12 = 78; s = 39

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2009-12-17 18:34:10
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Q: If the sum of two numbers is 90 and their difference is 12 what is the smaller number?
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The sum of two numbers is 9 and their difference is 16 What is the smaller number?


What is the smaller number If sum of two numbers is 9 and their difference is 16?


If the sum of 2 numbers is 26 and their difference is 4 what is the smaller number and what is the larger number?

A). 11b). 15

the sum of the two numbers is 548.the difference between the two numbers is 124.find the smaller number?


What are the two number have a sum of 14 and the difference of 4?

The sum of the sum and difference gives twice the larger number 14 + 4 = 18 → the larger number is 18 ÷ 2 = 9 The difference of the sum and the difference gives twice the smaller number 14 - 4 = 10 → the smaller number is 10 ÷ 2 = 5 → The two numbers are 9 and 5.

What are the steps in getting the product sum and difference of two terms?

To get the product, multiply the first number by the second. To get the sum, add the second number to the first. To get the difference, subtract the smaller number from the larger.

Which two numbers sum to 81 and their difference is 25?

If their difference is 25 then the larger number is the smaller number plus 25. Let the smaller number be x then the larger number is x + 25 → their sum is x + (x + 25) = 81 → 2x = 56 → x = 28 → the two numbers are 28 and 53.

The sum of two numbers is twice their difference The lager number is 6 more than twice the smaller Find the numbers?

18 and 6

Two numbers have a sum of 74 their difference is 16 what is the smallest of the two numbers?

The smaller number is (74-16)/2 = 58/2 = 29

Is the sum of 2 integers always greater than the difference between them?

No. Consider 0 and 1. Or negative numbers, whose sum produces a smaller number.

The sum of the squares of two consecutive even numbers is 52 what is the smaller number?

The smaller number is 4.

The smaller of two triangular numbers whose sum and difference are also triangular numbers?

the answer is of course 12

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