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like about 19 or 20 %

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Q: If there are 32 students in a class and 4 students were absent what percent of kids were absent?
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How many kids skip class?

about 39% students skip class

What is the percent of kids on time for class?


What percent of students do not do their homework?

There are no scientific studies to provide accurate numbers for this, but most kids do their work so they don't flunk out of class The percentage of kids in the world that do not do their homework is not known, but hopefully it is very small.

What percent of kids get distracted by electronics from school work?

66 percent of students get distracted at if electronics at schools

What percent of kids got in a fight at a school?

50% of students fight at school.

Should kids have to make up homework when they are absent?

I believe they should, because they have to catch up with what other students have learned during this absence. Otherwise, the absent child would fall behind and could not graduate to the next grade.

How many kids are in a class in the US?

An average of 23.1 students fill the typical American primary school classroom. In lower secondary schools, the average American class size is 24.3 students.

How many Irish kids are there in a Irish class?

It depends on what you mean really ! IN my top honors Irish class there are fiche cuig (25) students

Should students be allowed to drink sodas in class?

Not in class. Maybe at lunchtime. Teachers don't want kids jumping off the walls (not literally).

How many US students attend college?

Nowadays, about 60 percent of kids go to some type of college.

What percent of kids are homeschooling?

In America estimated 1,273,089.(not all states require you to register homeschooling students)I am one of them.

Why should princibales let kids eat snacks in class?

Because they are suppose to have their students best interests in mind!

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