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Draw a five-pointed star. Plant five seeds on the points and five more where the lines intersect.

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Q: If you have 10 seeds can you plant 5 rows with 4 seeds in each row?
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Ramon planted 3 rows of seeds he put 8 seeds in each row each row of seeds was 42 inches long how far apart did ramon plant seeds?


Ramon planted 3 rows of seeds He put 8 seeds in each row Each row of seeds was 42 inches long How far apart did Ramon plant the seeds?


A quart of tomato seeds will plant a row 100 feet long. how many quarts will be required to plant 10 rows that are 25 feet each?


How do you plant 6 flowers in 4 rows with 3 in each row?

This is impossibleYou will have to change the number of the rows or the number of flowers in each row.

If there is 48 rows of trees and 12 trees in each row how many trees will have to plant in each row?

I believe you said there'd be 12 in each row.

How do you plant 12 trees in 5 rows with 4 trees in each row?

You don't

How many ways can you arrange 6 counters in equal rows?

Four ways:1 row with 6 in each row.2 rows with 3 in each row.3 rows with 2 in each row.6 rows with 1 in each row.

Julia wants to plant 24 tomato plants in rows each row will have the same number of plants in it find three possible numbers of rows and the number of plants in each row?

1 row of 24 2 rows of 12 3 rows of 8 4 rows of 6 6 rows of 4 8 rows of 3 12 rows of 2 24 rows of 1

How can you plant 10 trees in 5 rows with 4 in each row?

Plant them in the shape of a star. The way the five lines (rows) overlap, you only need 10 total.

How many rows of corn can i plant in one acre 36'' spacing?

It depends on how long the rows are. For example, you can plant one row 14,520 feet long or you can plant 70 rows 207.5 feet long or you can plant 1,452 rows 10 feet long. They will each be one acre.

There are seven plants how can you divide these plants in four rows and each one has three plants in one row?

If you divide plants into four rows of three plants each, you would need 12 plants. With seven plants, you could divide them into two rows with 3 in one row and 4 in the other, plant them all in one row, make 3 rows with 2 in two rows and 3 in one row, etc.

How many rows can you make in a rectangular garden with 70 plants with an even number in each row?

5 rows with 14 in each row7 rows with 10 in each row