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8 cups ÷ 3/4 cup/loaf = 8 × 4/3 loaves = 10⅔ loaves of the same size.

By reducing the amounts of the other ingredients by ⅔ you could make 11 loaves, with the 11th loaf ⅔ the size of the other 10.

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Q: If you need 3 over 4 cups of flour to make a loaf of bread how much bread could you make with 8 cups?
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How many cups of flour is in a loaf of bread approx?

The required amount of flour depends entirely on the type of bread being made. Amounts might range from 1 - 3 cups of flour.

Does all purpose flour have protein?

Yes, on the bag I have there are 3g of protein in 1/4 cup of flour. A typical loaf of bread uses 3 cups, so 36g of protein in a loaf of bread.

Cups of flour per pound?

A cup of general purpose flour weights 5.1-oz. Depending on the type of flour it takes about 4 cups to make about a two pound loaf of bread. Therefore it takes 20.4-oz of flour to make one loaf of bread. You will get a little less than 4 loafs of bread from a 5-lb bag of flour.

How many grams in a loaf of bread?

It's about 5 cups of flour, but I'm not sure how much grain it takes to make that much flour. Many more than 5 cups.

Can you use cake and pastry flour in the bread machine?

Yes you can but the result will be a rather flat loaf as pastry and cake flour do not contain as much gluten as bread flour. Gluten which is developed by kneading the bread dough is essential to a well structured bread.

How much does a loaf of bread cost at Food-Town?

A loaf of bread will cost about 1.79 dollars at FoodTown depending on where you are located. This also varies according to prices of wheat and flour.

Where can you get a loaf of bread on runescape?

Anyone can easily make with ground flour with a bucket of water to make the bread dough and then use the on a range to get the bread.

What was a loaf of bread?

A packet of bread is also a loaf of bread.

The ratio of sugar to flour in a bread recipe is 2 to 5 you are making a large loaf of bread and you are using 20 ounces of flour How many ounces of sugar will you use?

You will use 8 ounces of sugar.

How much bread can be made from a bushel of wheat?

There are about 150 cups (8oz.) of grain in a 60 pound bushel of wheat (1 bushel = 0.352 hectolitres in volume, 1 hectolitre = 3381.4 US fluid oz.). When converted to flour these 150 cups of kernels produce about 300 cups of flour. About 3 cups of flour are required to produce a single 1.5 pound loaf of bread. Therefore 1 bushel of flour produces about 100 loaves of bread each weighing 1.5 pounds (24 oz.) Or, in other words, a bushel of grain berries (kernels) produces about 150 pounds of bread.It isn't possible to tell. Each bushel of wheat makes a somewhat different amount of wheat. Also, each type of bread uses a somewhat different amount of flour. So between those two variables you can't predict how many loaves will be made.

What is the capacityof a welbilt abm 350-2?

1 1/2 pound loaf three cups of flour.

How many loaves of bread do i need to get 16 cups of bread cubes?

That depends on the size of the loaves, but 2-3 loaves of french bread will make 12 cups of cubed bread