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79 apples is the same as six dozen and seven apples. I don't know how many she has.

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Q: If you pick 79 apples how many dozen apples dose she have?
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What is the Halloween game that involves fruit?

Bobbing for apples.Put a dozen or so apples in a bucket of water and have people try to pick them up with their mouths and not use their hands.

There are 45 apples If you pick up 3 apples how many apples are there?

There's still 45

Where to pick apples?

pick apples in spring on a farm

Averyl picked 42 apples he picked 6 times as many apples as suzy how many apples id suzy pick?


There are 45 apples. If you pick up 3 apples how many apples are there?

There are 42 apples left, and you have 3 apples yourself.Another view:There are still 45 apples: 3 that you picked up and the other 42 that are "there"

How do you pick the freshest apples?

For me, when I want to pick fresh apples, I pick ones that are just the slightest green. Then wait the right amount of time for them to ripen, and you have fresh apples!

If five apple pickers can pick five apples in five seconds how many apple pickers would it take to pick sixty apples a minute?

twelve apple pickers

If there are 4 apples and eat 7 and then pick 10 more how many do you have?


A hoiday fruit box contains a dozen each apples oranges and grapefruits. What is the least number of pieces of fruit must you pick to guarantee that you have three of the same kind?

27. suppose you pick 12 apples, then 12 oranges, and the only thing left would be grapefruits, leaving you to pick 3 of them, and you now have at least 3 of the same of each kind of fruit. 7 if you only need 3 of any fruit.

Kevin picked 13 more apples than Andy If Kevin picked 30 apples how many did Andy pick?

30-13=17 Andy picked 17 apples

How do you put for instance in a sentence?

There are many fun things to do in the fall. For instance, we can pick apples and carve pumpkins.

Where is Zeus in Mythology Island?

he is where you pick apples