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It would take 1 minute 20 seconds.

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Q: If you traveled at 45mph how long would it take to go one mile?
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How long will it take to go half a mile at 45mph?

40 seconds

How many minutes does it take to drive one mile at 45mph?

At 45 mph it takes 1 minute 20 seconds to drive one mile.

Why is a mile a mile long?

Because if it were not, it would not be a mile!

One kilometer is equivalent to 0.621371 mile how many kilometers would you have traveled going 42 miles?

If you traveled 42 miles that would be the equivalent of traveling 26.097582 KM

You ran a mile in 12 minutes What is the distance you traveled?

1 mile.

How many miles long was the tri state tornado?

The Tri-State tornado was a mile wide and traveled 219 miles.

How long does it take to drive 23 miles going 45 mph?

Driving at 45MPH means it takes 1min 20sec to do 1 mile multiply 1min 20 by 23 and you get approx 30mins 40secs hope this helps

Orville Wright completed the first succsessful airplane flight on December17 He traveled 120 feet in 12 secondsif he haad ben able to stay in the air for a full minute would he have traveled 1 mile?

Actually He Would Have!

Is 1 mile long?

One mile is equal to 5,280 feet, so yes I would say it is long.

How many times would one have to journey back and forth over the bridge to have traveled one mile?

That depends on the length of the bridge.

How many miles you travel at 60mph?

The answer would very depending on how long you drive at 60mph. The reason is simply that the mph stands for mile per hour, which means you go a particular speed in a particular amount of time... without knowing the speed And the time the amount of miles traveled or time elapsed going a distance is unkown. However, I'll put a few examples here for various times. 60mph is 1 mile per 1 minute (as there are 60min in an hour), so at this speed, whatever amount of time traveled (in minutes) is equal to the amount of miles traveled (see below). 60mph for 1 minutes: 1 mile traveled 60mph for 5 minutes: 5 miles traveled 60mph for 10 minutes: 10 miles traveled 60mph for 15 minutes: 15 miles traveled 60mph for 30 minutes: 30 miles traveled 60mph for 60min/1hr: 60 miles

How many seconds does it take a car traveling 45mph to travel 420 feet?

1 mile = 5280 ft 1 hour = 3600 seconds 45mph = 45 x 5280 / 3600 ft/s =66ft/s 420ft / 66ft/s ~= 6.36 seconds