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Number 4. just look at the episode operation E.N.D.

**It could be, it depends, but she is seen kissing numbuh 19th Century. But Fanny (Numbuh 86) has a very sexist attitude twoards boys. She isn't really seen having a crush on anybody.

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Q: In Codename Kids Next Door who did Number 86 like?
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Is it next store or next door?

it is codename kids next door

Is number 5 from Codename Kids Next Door a boy?

no number 5 is a girl

Who uses the codename 'Kids next door'?

The codename "Kids Next Door" is the animated television series that was broadcast on the Cartoon Network: Codename: Kids Next Door. This series ran from December 2002 through January 2008.

What is the real name of number 5 in codename kids next door?

The real name of Number 5 in Codename: Kids Next Door is Abigail Lincoln, but she is mostly referred to as "Numbuh 5" throughout the show.

What is kids next door theme song name?

Codename Kids Next Door Theme Song. That's it

Is codename kids next door video game for ps3?

No it is not

Who are the cast members of codename kids next door?


What is the first episode of codename kids next door?

No P in OOL

What is the name of number 2 in codename kids next door?

Numbuh 2's name is Hoagie P. Gilligan.

In what episode of Codename kids next door do number 3 and number 4 become boy friend and girl friend?

episode 200

How do you contact the kids next door?

Well CODENAME KIDS NEXT DOOR IS A CARTOON ON CARTOON NETWORKSo, cartoon network probably has a way to get hold of them for you.

What is Codename Kids Next door Rated?

I think it's rated Y7.