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The line would indicate motion at a constant speed.

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Q: In a graph showing time on the horizontal axis and speed on the vertical axis What would a straight horizontal line indicate?
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When plotting data on a graph showing distance verus time what would a horizontal line indicate?

time is normally the horizontal line

TV screen is all black with only a horizontal bright line showing what is wrong with it?

Sounds like the vertical amplifier section had gone bad.

What term is used to describe the horizontal part of a tracing on an ECG and what does this line indicate?

The horizontal part of a tracing on an ECG is called the baseline. It represents the period when the heart is not actively depolarizing or repolarizing, showing the electrical activity at rest.

How would you describe the slope of a graph showing fast speed?

If it is distance from a point versus time, with distance on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis, it would show a steep vertical climb on the graph. The steeper vertical change, the faster, but never completely vertical. Large "rise" (distance) over short "run" (time). With 0 acceleration, the graph is a straight line.

What does a gps in earthquakes measure?

The GPS can be used to measure the horizontal and vertical location of various locations on land. After an earthquake, GPS measurement are repeated, showing how far, if any, the land has moved as a result.

What is a Vertical transverse section?

A vertical transverse section is a slice through an object or structure that is perpendicular to the long axis. It provides a view from top to bottom, showing the internal organization and features in a horizontal plane. This type of section is commonly used in anatomy, architecture, geology, and engineering for detailed analysis and examination.

On a V-t graph how does constant acceleration appear?

On a graph of speed versus time, where time is plotted along the horizontal (X) axis and speed along the vertical (Y) axis: -- constant speed (zero acceleration) produces a straight, horizontal line; -- constant acceleration produces a straight, sloped line; the slope of the line is equal to the acceleration; -- if the acceleration is positive, the line slopes up to the right (speed increases as time increases); -- if the acceleration is negative, the line slopes down to the right (speed decreases as time increases).

What chart categorizes information?

A bar chart is a common type of chart that categorizes information by displaying data using horizontal or vertical bars of varying lengths. It is useful for comparing different categories of data and showing trends over time.

What a straight angle?

A straight angle is 180o better known as a straight line. The hands of a clock showing a quarter past nine forms a straight angle.

What is the name of a drawing view showing a vertical cut through the construction?

That is called a cross-section.

If an athlete is showing symptoms of staggering, is incoherent, and not sweating, what could this indicate?


Why would you use a broken line graph?

You would use a broken bar graph, when grouping and gathering information. You would use straight, slanted, or vertical lines and showing points with dots. A broken bar graph is just like a line graph.