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A ray

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Q: In geometry is laser beam a line or a ray?
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What is beam of light?

Each one is called ray and group of them is called beam.

What geometric term is used for a laser beam?


What is the geometric term of a beam from a laser?

It is a ray [of coherent light], a physical term.

How is naming a ray similar to naming a line?

It is the same. The only difference is that between a ray and a line. A ray starts at one point and goes in ONE direction forever. Imagine if you had a laser gun that would cut through anything. The point where a ray starts is just like the body of the laser gun-- it is where the laser beam starts and the laser only goes away from it in one direction, while the ray itself is like the laser beam--it starts at the gun and will cut through anything in its path. A line does not start or stop at any specific point and goes on in both directions forever. Alternatively, you could think of it as being a laser gun that has some sort of problem where it fires the laser out of the front and the back at the same time.

What color laser beam does a Blue-ray drive use?

I think the color of the laser is blue

What color is the laser beam which reads a Blu-ray disc?

what is the colour of blue ray disk

What color laser beam does a blue ray drive use?


What color laser beam does a Blu-ray drive use?

*BLU* ray the answer just in case you missed it is blue

Can a ray have acurved line?

Not in plane Euclidean geometry.

What is a real example of a ray in geometry?

A laser, light from a flashlight, and radio waves are all rays

What color laser beam does a Blu- Ray drive use?

Blue thus the name.

What is a single beam of light called?

ray or laser