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Add all the books and divide by 4: 18 + 19 + 24 + 23 = 84; 84 divided by 4 = 21 books per stack

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Q: In the 4 stacks of math books there are 18 19 24 and 23 books if the number of books in each stacks made the same how many books will be in each stack?
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How do you stack 57 books with the same number of books in each stack?

To stack 57 books with the same number in each stack, you can create stacks of 19 books each. This way, you will have three stacks of 19 books each, totaling 57 books.

Webster was cleaning his room and found fifty seven books under his bed he put them in stacks with the same number of books in each stack how many stacks did he make?


How do you stack 15 books equal in 2 stacks?

seven books in each stack one book open on top of the stacks so it would make both stacks evenly have seven and one-half books

Marta has a stack of books 1 meter high. If Marta sorts her books into 10 equal stacks how high will each stack be?

10 centimeters long

What is multiple stack?

Consider the situation that you have a shelf with 10 compartments and you have to place 11 books in it with each book occupying a compartment. You can only place 10 books in the shelf and for placing the 11th book, you need to find another shelf. Similarly multiple stack in data structure refers to the usage of more than one stack to store data. The same stack can be divided into two: one proceeding from 0 to max whereas the other proceeding from max to 0. When both stacks meets together, the stacks are full.

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u stack 2 next to each other and put one on top

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Stacks are often implemented using the same node structure as a linked list.

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What equation to use to find how many pounds was in each stack if there was 68 pounds of newspaper and 4 equal stacks?

You don't really need an equation. You just divide the total amount (68 pounds) by how many groups it's separated into (4 stacks). 68/4=17 pounds per stack.

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If you are talking stack of $100 bills then each stack is $10,000 and you would have 100 stacks. Each $100 stack would be about 4x6x1/2 inches and weight about 3.5 ounces. So 100 $10,000 stacks would weight about 22 pounds also it would have a volume of about 1 cubic foot. So you could definitely stuff it into a medium size suitcase or a large duffel bag or even a book bag. If necessary.

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