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The digit 8 represents tenths.

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Q: In the number 20.85 what does the digit 8 represent?
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What digit must k represent if the number K434K0 is divisible by 36?

K = 8

What does the digit 8 represent in 687413?

It represent eighty thousand.

Can you represent an eight digit number with a five digit number?

Not in a way that would be generally understood. However, it is possible. An 8-digit number in base 10 can be represented by a 5-digit number in base 32. For example, extending the scheme for labeling digits for base 32, VVVVV32 = 3355443110 Similarly, the 8-digit number 33333333 in base 4 is the 5-digit number 65535 in base 10

Smallest eight digit number to the largest eight digit number?

10,000,000 is the smallest 8 digit number 99,999,999 is the largest 8 digit number

It is a three digit number it is the cube of a single digit number it is an even number it has the digit sum of 8?

8 cubed = 512

What the smallest 8 digit number is?

The smallest 8 digit number is 10,000,000.

What is the difference in value between the largest 6 digit number and the smallest 8 digit number?

what is the difference between the largest 8-digit number and the smallest 6-digit number

How many 8 digit number are there in total?

The first 8 digit number is 10,000,000, the last is 99,999,999 which means there are 90,000,000 8 digit numbers

What is the binary number 1000 in base 10?

The binary number 1000 is the decimal (base 10) number 8. The digits in a binary number are exponents of 2 rather than 10, so that for a four-digit number in binary, the digit places represent 8, 4, 2, 1 1000 (binary) = 8 + (0x4) + (0x2) + (0x1) = 8

If the four digit numeral A9A2 is divisible by nine what digit does A represent?

8 8982/9 = 998

What is a number with one digit that has a common factor of 8 and 9?

1 is a one-digit number that is a factor of both 8 and 9, but there is no one-digit number that has both 8 and 9 as factors.

What if your tens digit is 3 more than 5 my tens digit is double the number of my ones digit what number am i?

3 more than 5 is 8, so the tens digit is 8. The tens digit is,double the number of the ones digit, so divide 8 by 2 and you get 4. If you double 4 it is 8 so, the number is 84.

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