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The Creator God Of Light, Horakhty is the fusion of the gods name.

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Q: In yugioh what is the fusion card called if fuse the 3 Egyptian gods?
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In yugioh what is the fusion card called if you fuse curse of dragon and dark magician girl?

cursed magician

Can you combine the Egyptian god cards?

Yes, it is a Jappanese fusion card called Horakhty.

Is there a fusion dark Egyptian god card in yugioh?

No one thinks so I guess.But in Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Yubel fused the three Sacred Beast in episode 130

What two yugioh cards are needed to make the fusion card Skull Knight?

Tainted Wisdom and Ancient Brain.

Which booster pack has Fusion Gate in YuGiOh Ultimate Master 2006?

Fusion Gate is a Rare card that can be found in the booster pack "Labyrinth of Nightmare" in Ultimate Master 2006.

In Yugioh 3D moive super fusion bonds that tranced time and space is the magic card renicartion of hope used by yusei a real card?

Anime only

Whats the beat card in Yugioh?

The best card in yugioh is the judegement dragon card.

What is the yugioh card called that switches atk and def?

'Shield and Sword', a Normal Spell Card, can do that.

What is the name of the fusion card that yugi uses?

The fusion card Yugi uses is called Polymerization.

What YuGiOh card could you sacrifice to summon a 9-12 star fusion monster with metamorphosis?

When using metamorphosis the LV of the Fusion monster should be the same as the LV of the monster you are going to tribute.

Is the yugioh card the creator of light horakhti real?

No, but there is a card similar called "Armytile the chaos phantom"

In Yu-Gi-Oh is there a card called break the seal?

Not currently in the yugioh TCG. But, that card exists in the show.