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19.9 is greater than 14.8 is.

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Q: Is 19.9 less than or greater than 14.8?
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What number is greater than 197 and less than 200 and is a odd number?

Greater than 197 and less than 200 would only leave 198 and 199. Since 198 is divisible by 2, 199 is your answer.

How many odd numbers are greater than 20 and less than 200?

First odd number greater than 20 is 21 Last odd number less than 200 is 199 → number of odd numbers between 20 and 200 is (199 - 21) ÷ 2 + 1 = 90

Estimate 199 over198 plus 35 over 17 indicating if the actual answer is greater than or less the estimate?

199 over 198 estimate = 1 actual answer would be greater than 1 35 over 17 estimate = 1 actual answer would be greater than 1

What is 199 minus 20 percent?

199 minus 20% = 198.8 20% less than 199 = 159.20

Is 233.21 greater than or less than 233.199?

It's greater. You can add as many 0's as you want to the end of a DECIMAL (not normal numbers) and it won't affect anything. So add a zero to the end of .21 to make it the same amount of digits as .199. Now which is more, .210 or .199? .210 of course.

Largest prime number less than 200?


What is the greatest prime number that is less than 200?

the greatest prime number less than 200 is 199

What is the greatest prime number less than 200?

The greatest prime number less than 200 is 199.

What is the largest number which when divided into 143 and 199 will leave a remainder in each case?

Any number greater than 199 will divide into both zero times and leave a remainder (of the original number); there is no upper limit to the numbers greater than 199. -------------------------------- The largest number to divide into both and leave the SAME remainder is 56 (leaving a remainder of 31 in both cases).

What is Optimal LDL cholesterol?

100-129 mg/dL; total cholesterol 160-199 mg/dL

What is the square root of -199?

Any number greater than 0 has two square roots, a positive square root and a corresponding negative square root. Rounded to two decimal places, the square roots of 199 are ±14.11.

What is the largest composite number but less than 200?

Testing the largest whole number less than 200, 199, we find that it is not evenly divisible by 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 or 13. Since the square root of 199 is between 14 and 15, there's no need to test any prime numbers higher than 14. Therefore, the answer is 198, since it is an even number, and all even numbers are composite numbers because they are divisible by 2. A composite number is the opposite of a prime number.