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No, they are not equal.

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Q: Is 1 dollar and 25 cents equal to 50 cents equal to?
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What fraction of a dollar is equal to 50 cents?

50 cents is 1/2 of a dollar (100 cents)

How many quarters are in a dollar?

Four quarters because one quarter equals 25 cents.25+25+25+25=100 and 25+25=50 so 50+50=100 4 quarters equal a dollar.

Does 50 pennies equal one dollar?

No, 50 pennies is 50 cents. That is half of a dollar.

How much money half of a dollar plus one fourth of a dollar?

75 cents. One half dollar is 50 cents, and one fourth of a dollar is 25 cents. So, 50 plus 25 equals 75.

How much is a half dollar equal?

50 cents

How can you use 54 coins to equal a dollar?

1 x 25 cents 2 x 10 cents 1 x 5 cents 50 x 1 cent

A man has five coins that equal 50 cents but none are dimes how is this possible?

Each coin is a half-dollar. If you have five coins that equal 50 cents, then you have five half-dollars. Each half-dollar equals 50 cents.

What fraction of a dollar is equal 2 cents?

2 cents/1 dollar = 2 cents/100 cents = 2/100 = 1/50

What is half of 50 cents in fraction?

Half of 50 cents in a fraction form would be 25% of one dollar. Half of fifty cents would be 25 cents. A person cannot purchase very much for 25 cents.

How much money is 1 half of a dollar 1 fourth of a dollar and 1 tenth of a dollar?

50 cents, 25 cents, and 10 cents respectively.

1 USD equals how many cents?

One United States Dollar is equal to one hundred (100) cents. Other smaller denominations include a penny being equal to one (1) cent, a nickel is equal to five (5) cents, a dime is equal to ten (10) cents, a quarter being equal to twenty five (25) cents and a half-dollar being equal to fifty (50) cents.

Is 50 cents of a dollar 50 percent?

Yes. 50 cents of a dollar is 50 percent of a dollar.