Is 2 over 5 rational or irrational?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is rational

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Q: Is 2 over 5 rational or irrational?
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Is 5.4 an irrational or rational number?

5.4 = 5 2/5 = 27/5 so it is a rational number.

Is 6 over 5 irrational?

No. Any fraction with integers in the numerator and in the denominator is, by definition, RATIONAL.

-3 5 rational or irrational?

Rational. Rational. Rational. Rational.

Is the square root of 10 divided by 2 rational or irrational?


Is 5 over 8 irrational or rational?

Any fraction involving whole numbers is RATIONAL.

Are decimals and fractions rational or irrational?

Both can be either. For example, 1.4 is a rational decimal. 1.41421356 (...) is the decimal representation for sqrt(2), an irrational. 2/5 is a rational fraction. sqrt(2)/3 is an irrational fraction.

Is the square root of 1 over 5 a real number and is it rational or irrational?

It is real and irrational.

Is 5over 8 an rational or irrational or integer or natural?

5 over 8 is a rational number.

What is a 5 exponent of 2 rational or irrational?

Rational, since it can be written as 25/1 .

Is the square root of 99 a rational number?

√99 = Square root of 99 = Irrational. Rational # are able to be expressed as the ratio of 2 integers. i.e. √25 = +5 5 = 5/1 = rational Irrational # can not be expressed as a ratio of 2 integers.

Is the number 5 rational or irrational?

It is rational.

Is 67 divided by a rational or irrational?

You can divide 65 by rationals and irrationals: Divided by a rational: 65 ÷ 13/2 = 10 Divided by an irrational: 65 ÷ √13 = 5√13