Is 4 times a day too much sex?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Too much sex? No. A lot of sex, yes!

4 times a day is above the average, however at the start of a new relationship is not at all unusual.

As long as you are both enjoying it, then there is no such thing as too much sex.

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Q: Is 4 times a day too much sex?
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Is it possible to have too much sex?

I Mean no not in my book ..More than 10 times a day is a little much : )

Does having too much sex affect?

Too much sex is too much good. Too much sex happens around the time of marriage, when partners meet after some separation for some time. Too much sex happens in extramarital affairs. Other times most people do not have too much sex because there is no too much excitement after novelty wears off. (Sexual addiction is rare and controversial.)

Is sex once a week healthy?

You can have sex as much as you like or if you feel the need to sex too often like 5 times a day will almost certainly lead to a tear in the vagina or an infection or a sore vagina. for men too much penetrative sex can lead to a low sperm count and you may damage your penis.

Can you have too much sex?

== == No, but you can DEMAND too much sex, and you can certainly place too much importance on it. == ==

What are the causes of low sexual stamina?

Too much sex day and night long.

How often is too much for sex per week?

You cant have too much sex!

Is a girl who wants sex every day too much for a guy?

It all depends on his sex drive when compared with hers. Some guys have high sex drives, others don't. If she has a higher sex drive and craves sex more often than he does, it might be too much. You can have sex as often as you have the energy and the desire for it.

How many times to you have to feed a baby in a day?

1 time a day not too much they have such a small body

Is it a sin too have too much sex?

Not if it's with someone you love! Edit:No there is no such thing as too much sex. And its not a sin too have sex no matter what. And the peron who said not if its someone you love is full of crap go have sex with whoever you want. You dont have to love someone to have sex with them

If you whiten your teeth too much per day will they get damaged?

yes but normal people do it about 2 times a day

How do you know if he is just using you for sex?

he would be laughing way too much and he'd have sex with you at least 4 times a day Does he do anything else with you ? Take you out places, eat with you, watch tv with you, cuddle you, spend money on you, share his life with you. If you can answer Yes to these then I would say you have your answer. If No, then yes he is using you.

What does it mean when your pet turtle is pooping at least 6 times a day?

your feeding it too much