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7 decimeters is greater than 600 millimeters.

There are 100 millimeters in each decimeter. So 7dm = 7 * 100 mm, or 700mm. 700 is greater than 600.

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Q: Is 600mm greater than or less than 7dm?
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What is the answer to this math probolem 600mm compared to 7dm?

A decimeter is 1/10 of a meter. A meter is 100 cm, so 7 decimeters is 70 centimeters. 600 mm is 60 centimeters. So 7dm is greater than 600mm

Is 7mm greater than 7dm?


Is 7mm longer than a 7dm?

i think so

What is 7dm equal to centimeters?


How many centimeters are there in 7 decimeters?

7dm = 70cm

What is the equivalent of seventy cm?

700mm,0.7m,7dm,28 inches

Is 7 decimeters bigger then 62 centimeters?

yes. 7dm is 70cm

How do you convert 7dm to meters?

Divide by 10. 7 dm = 0.7 m

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