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No, the Hemi is a 426.

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Q: Is a hemi bigger than a 440?
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How much was a 1971 hemi 440 in 1971?

There is no such thing, the Hemi and the 440 are two completely different engines.

What engines were available in a 1970 dodge charger rt?

440, 440-6, 426 hemi.

How many 1971 Plymouth Roadrunners were manufactured?

HEMI , 383 or 440 ?

How quick is 71 Plymouth gtx?

with the 440 or the hemi they were quick for the day.

What was the the First year for Hemi engine in Plymouth barracuda?

1970 was the first Hemi Cuda. In 1969 The largest motor offered was the 440 6pk.

Which engine is faster a Mopar 426 hemi or a Mopar 440?

The 426 Hemi developed 425 H.P. The 440 developed 390 H.P. They both developed 490 lb/ft of torque. Installed in the same body with the same gear ratio and same transmission the 426 Hemi will be faster.

Was a 440 CID a Hemi?

Chrysler corporation never made a 440 'HEMI'. The 440 started being produced in 1966 and only had a 'wedge' shaped chamber configuration as most engines of the time also did. The (second generation) HEMI was only produced in a 426 cubic inch configuration, from 1964 through 1971. They produced about 11,000 of these special engines during this period The term HEMI stands for hemispherical shaped combustion chambers. The 426 HEMI should not be confused with the 426 wedge which was produced from 1963-1966.

What engine did a 1970 Plymouth road runner have?

base engine was the 383. optional was the 440 , 440 +6 (3 2bbl carbs) and the 426 hemi

What is the biggest engine you can fit in a 66 charger?

426 hemi or a 440 would fit real nice with no problem, a 572 crate hemi will also fit.

Did they make a big block 2 bb dodge coronet 500?

yes, you could get the hemi in the 500 starting in 1966 and in 67 you could order the 440 or the hemi.

Are hemispheres bigger than continents?

Yes, hemi means half and a sphere is a circle so a hemisphere is half the globe,

Muscle car what did a 440 hemi cuda run in a quarter mile?

The 440, was a wedge motor. The Hemi, was a 426. They made a 392, but it was not for high performance. The hemi cars, were lucky to run in the 12's. Actually, the hot ticket for Dodge was the "max wedge," which was much faster. The Hemi was really quite a dissapointment, and most were pulled out, and trashed, or blown up. They could be beat with a small block Chevy. I know that for fact.........

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