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Rectangles are made up of 2 sets of parallel lines, which are perpendicular to one another.

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Q: Is a rectangle parallel or perpendicular?
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Does a rectangle have perpendicular lines and parallel lines?


Is an rectangle parellel or perpendicular?

Shapes are not parallel or perpendicular. Lines are.Every side of a rectangle is parallel to the side opposite it,and perpendicular to both of the sides next to it.

Are opposite sides or a rectangle perpendicular?

No, they are parallel.

Does a rectangle have parallel and perpendicular lines or parallel and not pependicular lines?


Are all sides perpendicular in a rectangle?

Adjacent sides are perpendicular. Opposite sides are parallel.

What is a parallel and perpendicular edges?

Parallel edges are equidistance apart whereas perpendicular edges meet at right angle as in a square or a rectangle.

What is the difference between parallel and perpendicular line on rectangle?

The difference between a perpendicular line and a parallel line is that a perpendicular line crosses or joins, while a parallel line doesn't touch at all.

Is a rectangle a angle or a parallel or a perpendicular?

A rectangle is a 4 sided quadrilateral having 2 pairs of parallel sides and 4 interior right angles.

What shape has parallel lines and perpendicular lines?

A square and a rectangle have perpendicular and parallel lines. The two side lines extending upwards from the base line are perpendicular to the base line. The line extending from each of the side lines across the top is perpendicular to the side lines. The top line is also parallel to the base line, and the side lines are also parallel to each other.

What quadrilateral has each side parallel to its opposite side and with diagnoals that are not perpendicular?

A rectangle

What quadrilateral is parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpendicular?

Parallelogram and rectangle apex

What shape has each side parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpendicular?

A rectangle