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An equilateral triangle has 3 equal interior acute angles of 60 degrees

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It is an acute triangle in the sense that it has 3 equal acute angles of 60 degrees

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Q: Is an equilateral triangle also an acute triangle?
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Can an acute triangle also be an equilateral triangle?

Yes it can. Every equilateral triangle is an acute one. To put it another way, the family of acute triangles includes all equilateral ones.

What does an equilateral triangle and an acute triangle look like?

Click on the link for equilateral acute triangle.

Can A equilateral triangle can be a cute?

No, but an equilateral triangle must be acute.

Is an equilateral triangle have a acute angle in it?

An equilateral triangle has three acute (60 degree) angles.

Is it possible to draw an equilateral acute triangle?

Yes, because an equilateral triangle is always acute.

Are equilateral triangle are acute?

Yes all equilateral triangles are acute triangles, but not all acute triangle are equilateral triangles.

Are equilateral triangle an acute triangle?

An equilateral triangle is one in which each angle is 60 degrees. It is, therefore, an acute triangle.

Can an equilateral triangle also be abtuse triangle?

No, a triangle can only be equilateral if all of its angles = 60 degrees and 60 degrees is acute, not obtuse.

Can an equilateral triangle can also be classified as acute?

Yes because an equilateral triangle has 3 equal acute angles of 60 degrees that add up to 180 degrees.

Can a triangle be both acute and equilateral?

It would help to know the definitions of acute and equilateral.An acute triangle is one whose angles are all less than 90o.An equilateral triangle is one whose sides are all the same, but that also means the angles will all be the same (60o)So, every equilateral triangle will be acute.Yes, a triangle can be both acute and equilateral.

What does an acute equilateral triangle look like?

Aren't all equilateral triangles acute??

How is it possible for Acute Equilateral and Isosceles classifications be in the same triangle?

An isoceles triangle has at least two sides equal; an equilateral has three sides equal so it is also isoceles; and since all angles are acute it is also an acute traingle