Is diameter and volume the same thing?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. they are in fact very different. A circle's diameter is the length of the longest line that goes all the way across it. A three-dimensional shape has a volume, which is the amount three-dimensional space enclosed by it.

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Q: Is diameter and volume the same thing?
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Is the equator and the diameter the same thing?

s the equator and the diameter the same thing?

What is norminal diameter?

Diameter of a sphere having the same volume as the particle

What is the diameter of a circumference?

about the same as the length of the volume

What is equivalent spherical diameter?

is the diameter of a sphere having same volume as that of the paricle.

Calculate the diameter of a cylinder whose height is the same as its diameter and whose volume is 220cm?

Volume = Height * Area of Circle Area of Circle = pi*(Diameter/2)^2 Height = Diameter Volume = Diameter*(pi*(Diameter/2)^2) Volume = (pi/4)*Diameter^3 Diameter = (4/pi) * Volume ^ (1/3) Diameter = (4/3.14)*220^(1/3) ≈ 6.54 cm

Are diameter and distance the same thing?


How do you find the height and diameter of a cylinder with just the volume?

You cannot find the height and diameter of a cylinder by knowing the volume only. There are infinite combinations of height and diameter that will result in the same volume. You need to know either the diameter or the height in addition to the volume to calculate the remaining unknown. Volume = pi/4 * d2 * h (note: pi/4 * d2 is the same as pi * r2)

What is the formula for finding the volume of diameter?

There is no such thing as "volume of diameter". On the other hand, the calculation for volume depends on the type of figure, so you may want to ask another question, where you specify, for what figure you want to do the calculation.

What is the volume of a cone is 13 the volume of a cylinder of the same height and base diameter?

It is 13/3 units.

Are two cylinders with the same volume are congruent?

Two cylinders with the same volume are not necessarily congruent. One could have a different diameter and length than the other, and still have the same volume.

What is the same thing as the radius?

the diameter divided by 2

Can 2 balls with the same diameter have the same mass?

2 balls of the same diameter can have the same mass. Equally, they can have a different mass. (i.e Having the same diameter does not automatically mean that they are the same mass).However, they will have the same volume. In maths, volume of a sphere (ball) =4/3*(pi)*radius^3. Hence volume is directly proportional to diameter (radius is half the diameter).Mass is a measure of "how dense something is" (e.g lead, wood and concrete are all dense, whereas meringue and mousse are not) Mass has nothing to do with the size of the ball, only what substance the ball is made up of. Whereas volume is easiest of think of as "how much water can I fit in this" (volume is directly related to the size of the container).Hope that helps, rather than confuses.