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There's an infinite number of fractions possible between any two consecutive whole numbers.

FOOTNOTE: Still, there are as many "whole" numbers are there are fractions. Paradoxically, there are more decimalnumbers greater than zero but smaller than one than there are "whole" numbers.

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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Q: Is infinity in between every number?
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infinity. it has every factor

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The difference is infinity. Infinity is the concept of the largest possible number. Even if you take 20 away the number will still be infinity.

What is integerrs?

Any whole number between -infinity to +infinity including zero.

What is a zarbow?

a zarbow is a number, its every number in the wolrd including enfinity added together x by 2 then u have a zarbowAnything added to infinity is infinity, and anything multiplied by infinity is infinity and therefore, a 'Zarbow' is just infinity, and infinity is not a number, but merely a mathematical concept

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Infinity, it is larger than every number.

Does every number has a reciprocal?

Every number except ZERO because 1/0 = Infinity which isn't really a number

How many numbers greater than 100 are divisible by 7?

lots every 7th number from 100 to infinity which is infinity

What whole number is after infinity?

Infinity is not a number and so there is no whole number after infinity.

The difference between the greatest possible number and the smallest possible number?


What are the multiples of 158?

There are an infinite number, corresponding to the products of every whole number to infinity and 158.

What is the median of all the numbers between 1 and infinity?

There is no median. Infinity is named so because there is no final number; numbers keep going on and on and on, so there can be no median between 1 and infinity. Or alternatively, half infinity

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Infinity is not a number in the ordinary sense of the word.

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