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Yes it is prefectly natural, I went throught the same thing

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Q: Is it normal to have one nipple bigger than the other one for a teenage boy?
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What is it called when a males nipple is bigger than the other?

There is nothing unusual about one nipple being bigger than the other, and the condition has no medical name.

What if your nipple changes to roundish?

It is normal for the nipple shape to change during puberty (in both boys and girls) and during pregnancy. If your nipple is changing at other times, see your health care provider.

Are you not pregnant but having sensitive nipple on one side but normal on the other side?

meron palang ganun?and why is it so?

Is it normal one of your nipples is bigger than your other two?


My nipple is bigger than the other?

People aren't perfectly symmetrical, nothing to worry about. If it really bugs you you can have cosmetic tattooing done to make them look more similar.

The areola of your right breast is darker and the nipple is larger iam not pregant?

Any changes in the appearance of your nipples should be checked by your doctor. If this is normal for you, meaning when you went thru puberty 1 nipple ended up darker or larger, is completely normal. Most of us have 1 breast that is larger than the other.

What happens to a hamster when one of the pouches gets bigger than the other?

Nothing, this is normal.

Is it normal for one side of the vagina to be a little bigger than the other side?

What you are most likely asking is if it is natural for one side of the lips of the vagina, called the labia minora, to be larger than the other and the answer is yes. Variations such as that are very much normal, just like it is normal for one breast to be bigger than the other.

What do you do when you have a bump underneath your left nipple?

A bump under the nipple is normal in both male or female puberty, and can be found in one or both nipples. If you have a bump under your nipple at some other stage in your life, see your health care provider for an exam.

8 weeks pregnant and my areolas turn dark to light sometimes is that normal?

perfectly normal. Mine are doing the same thing. but one nipple stays dark while the other keeps changing from dark to light.

Your son is 12 years old and has 1 testicle bigger than other is this commonhis left i bigger than his right?

its a normal condition don't worry about him

Only one nipple feels soar and hot why is that?

It may be because your baby uses that nipple more then the other to breastfeed. Is this why?