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Yes, it is. One easy way for this to happen is if every number in a data set is the same: then it's the mean, median, and mode at the same time. That's not the only way for it to happen, of course. For example, if the data set is 1, 2, 2, 3 then the mean, median, and mode is 2.

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Q: Is it possible for the mean meadian and mode of a data set to be the same number?
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Which measure is always the 50th percentile Mean Meadian or Upper Quartile?


What does the word median mean in math?

Meadian means middle.

Give you a sentence with the word mode in?

In math today we learned about mean, meadian, and mode!

What does meadian mean in maths?

When you have a set of numbers, the median is the number exactly in the middle. If your set of numbers is even, you add the two middle numbers together, and divide by 2.

When it is most appropriate to report the mean median and the mode?

meadian- you take the biggest and smallest number and subract both of them mode- the number that is constantly repeating itself over and over again mean-you take the biggest and smallest number and add them both together

What does meadian mean in the simplest terms?

For a list of numbers arranged from smallest to largest, the median is the middle number. If there are 2 numbers in the middle, add them and divide by 2 for median. This happens when there are an even number of numbers.

The mean score for a test is 88 One more score is added the data Is it possible for the mean to remain 88 Explain?


How do you find the range mean and the meadian?

Answers down there. range: add the numbers all up and divide how many numbers you have. meadian: put all the numbers in order from smallest to biggest, then find the one in the middle. mean: the biggest minus the smallest. HOPE YOU GET AN A+!!! *************************************************______________________

Find the mean of the data?

The mean of a set of data is the sum of that data divided by the number of items of data.

What is the use of a mean median mode?

Mean, meadian, and mode, are different ways to figure out an average. These are commonly the number that appears most often in a series of numbers. Used and taught in grade school for the most part.

What is the mean of 69101213 In maths?

There is not a mean of a single number. To calculate a mean, you need a data set. The mean is given by the sum of all the data, divided by the number of pieces of data.

Does the mean have to be a member of the set of data?

no. Some mean is a number from the data but some mean is completely different from its data.