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I don't know if this is correct.

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Q: Is it true some polyhedrons are both prisms and pyramids?
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3d shapes what shape has some triangular faces?

they are: ---sided pyramids and triangular prisms and 20 sided 3d shapes

Are polyhedrons symmetrical?

not all, but some

What form the bases of a prism?

The faces are always rectangles on prisms, so if it's a triangular prism the bases are triangles; if it's a rectangular prism, the bases are rectangles; if it's a hexagonal prism, the bases are hexagons. Any polygon can form the base of a prism. Some people also consider cylinders to be circular prisms. In which case any closed plane shape can form the base of a prism.

What are all the 3d shapes in the world?

Some of the basic 3D shapes are:spherecubecuboidcylinderrectangular prismtriangular prismhexagonal prismconesquare-based pyramidtriangular-based pyramidhexagonal pyramidThere are an unlimited number of 3d shapes. These are called polyhedrons, and their names are from the Greek word for the quantity (number) of faces (sides) on each shape. All faces are exactly the same as each other on regular polyhedrons; one or more faces are different from the other faces on irregular polyhedrons. A few of the countless number of polyhedron names, with the name following the number of faces on the 3d shape are:4 tetrahedron (a regular tetrahedron is a pyramid with 3 sloping sides and a base)5 pentahedron (a regular pentahedron is a pyramid with 4 sloping sides and a base)6 hexahedron (a regular hexahedron is a cube, having 4 sides, a top, and a base)10 decahedron12 dodecahedron24 icositetrahedron90 enneacontahedron

What is the shape of a horizontal cross section of a cone?

A cross-section refers to the end of a prism, cones are not prisms. A shape like a cylinder is a prism. Hexagonal prisms have hexagonal cross-sections, and pentagonal prisms have pentagonal cross-sections. It's that simple.But for the sake of what the question COULD mean, I'll try and help.The easiest way to find the shape of a part of a three-dimensional object is to tear it apart (literally) and look at its net. The curved surface area of the cone looks like a rectangle when the cone is split open.Here are some formulas for the fun of things:Volume of cone = 1/3πr2hSurface area of cone =πrs +πr2π = Circumference (Perimeter of the circle) / Diameter (Length from one end of the circumference to the other end passing through the centre)r = Radius (Half the diameter)s = Side length (Up the side of the cone to the top)

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Some polyhedrons are both prisms and pyramids.?

Not true.

Some polyhedrons are neither prisms nor pyramids?


Is a hexahedron a prism or a pyramid?

Some hexahedra are prisms or pyramids.

Which 3d has some triangular faces?

There are infinitely many such shapes. A tetrahedron, truncated hexahedron, icosahedron, pyramids, anti-prisms are some examples.

What are some similarities between rectangular and triangular prisms?

they are both solid shapes they both have a rectangle they are both prisms they are both bounded by plane polygonal faces hope this helps :)

3d shapes what shape has some triangular faces?

they are: ---sided pyramids and triangular prisms and 20 sided 3d shapes

What is the meaning of spatial figures?

Spatial figures are figures that are three dimensional. Some examples of spatial figures include cubes, cylinders, cones, prisms, pyramids, spheres and rectangular prisms. You can get some more details about these figures on Psychometric Success website.

What solid shape has right angles?

Cubes and Cuboids, some pyramids I think (not sure) Prisms. Most shapes can except for spheres ; p

Are polyhedrons symmetrical?

not all, but some

What are some prisms?

Prisms are objects that divide the colours of the rainbow. Some prisms are Triangular, Rectangular and etc.

Are pyramids polygons cylinders or prisms polyhendrons?

A polygon is a plane (2-dimensional) object bounded by straight lines. A polyhedron (not polyhendron!) is a solid (3-dimensional) object bounded by polygonal faces. So, pyramids and some prisms are polyhedra. A cylinder is a type of prism but, because two of its faces are circular, those faces are not polygons. As a result a cylinder is not a polyhedron.

What objects are shaped like triangular prism?

some decorative household items, roofs on some houses, pyramids, pencil points, tent, and crayon points are in the shape of triangular prisms