Is negative low or high

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A negative is a LOW number, a positive is a HIGH number.

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Q: Is negative low or high
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Do different areas of a thunderstorm cloud have positive and negative charges?

yes because it is high and low, and high and low are like positive and negative.

Should your negative number on your softball bat be high or low?


What are the ranges in money from low to high?

negative infinity and infinity

What is significance of correlation?

it shows any pattern that may emerge in any given set of date, this includes a positive or negative correlation. positive where a gradient goes from low to high negative where a gradient goes from high to low

Which IC gates will have a low output if either of the inputs are high?

A 2-input NOR (Negative OR) Gate produces a low output when either input (or both) are high.

Do electrons tend to go to region of high potential or of low potential?

Electrons tend to go to an area of low potential to high potential. This is because an area with high potential is more positive and the charge on an electron is negative.

How is Type A negative blood special?

It is special because it can only receive negative blood and blood products. If the people receive any other type it can be fatal. Negative blood is high but the supply is low.

What does the warning light that is a box with a positive and negative like a battery mean?

Charging system voltage is too high or to low.

Does endocytosis go from a high to low or low to high concentration?

Exocytosis goes from high to low concentration.

What are the lyrics to your name is high low piccolo?

my name is hi-low, piccolo, piccalo hi low hi lo piccalo piccalo no name

Does air go from high to low or low to high?

High -> Low

How food supply acts as negative feedback on world population?

Food supply acts as a negative feedback on world population once there is scarcity. This happens when demand for food is high but its supply is low.