Is one tenth smaller than eight tenths?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1/10 (0.1) is much smaller than 8/10 (0.8)

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Q: Is one tenth smaller than eight tenths?
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Is eight tenths greater than three eigths?

eight tenths is greater 1 tenth may be smaller than 1 eighth but there are 8 1 tenths and only 3 1 eighths that amount is smaller than the amount of how many tenths there are

Is 0.5 greater than six tenths?

No - 0.5 is equal to 5/10, one tenth smaller than six tenths.

Is 0.756 is smaller than eight tenths?

eight tenths = 8 / 10 = 0.8 0.756 < 0.8 So, Yes

Is 6.166 greater than or less than 6.616?

.1 means one tenth .6 means six tenths six tenths is greater than one tenth so 6.166 is smaller than 6.616

Which is heavier 0.81 or eight tenths of a pound?

As eight tenths can be written as 0.80 it is smaller than 0.81. Eight tenths (0.80) is the same as 80 hundredths while 0.81 is the same as 81 hundredths.

Is 6 tenths bigger than tenth?

Is the question supposed to be 6 tenths bigger than "A" tenth? If so, the answer would be 'Yes'.

What is the nearest tenth that 13.825 would round to?

The fraction referred to as a 'tenth' is represented by the digit in the first position after the decimal point - in this case .8 ('eight-tenths'). When rounding to tenths, we must look at how many hundredths there are (in this case 2). Since there are fewer than 5 hundredths, we round down to get 13.8 ('thirteen and eight-tenths').

What is smaller thousandths or tenths in decimals?

Thousandths is smaller than tenths.

Are thenths smaller than fifths?

No, fifths are smaller than tenths. In terms of fractions, a fifth is equal to 1/5 while a tenth is equal to 1/10. Therefore, a fifth is larger than a tenth.

What is greater 0.45 or eight tenths?

Eight tenths is greater than 0.45

Is one tenth greater than 3 tenths?


Which number is larger 0.008 or 0.8?

The number 0.8 - eight tenths - is larger than the number 0.008 - eight thousandths.