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Q: Is residual value the same thing as salvage value?
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Is the salvage value of a vehicle the same as its book value?

NO, salvage value is subjective. The salvage price is usally set by bids. Depends. If it's salvage the price is very subjective. If it's salvage but reconstructed (i.e. roadworthy) it's typically worth 60% of the value of a comparable car with a clean title. Use and to determine appx value.

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Is there a formula for determining the selling price of a vehicle with a salvage title as compared to the same vehicle with a non-salvage title?

Assuming it's reconstructed/roadworthy, take 40% off the value of a comparable clean titled car.

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How do you find out the salvage value of a 2000 Ford Windstar?

If this is for insurance purpose you should go on and find same of atleast 3 vehicals and that would be the price.

If a vehicle is purchased as a salvage and then it is damaged in a collision how is the insurance value determined?

The same way it is for a clear title, the adjuster will look at what similar cars with a similar amount of damage have sold for as salvage in the area. A salvage vehicle that's been restored to roadworthiness is roughly worth 40% less than a comparable clean titled car. That should give you some idea of where to start. Go to to determine the car's value.

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